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Other Types of Service Credits Involved

While Airtime or ARSC is the most popular type of additional service credit, many CalPERS members also purchase credit for time associated with military service, periods when a member was laid off or on leave of absence, and service credit purchased as part of the Alternate Retirement Program (ARP). Members who purchased such service credit and then became disabled may not be receiving the full credit of the money they invested.

Military Service Credit

Many members purchase service credit for time served in active military duty prior to CalPERS membership.

Leave of Absence

Many purchased service credit for time on a leave of absence, including:

  • for maternity or paternity leave;
  • for a job-related injury or illness (temporary disability);
  • to further their education;
  • to work for a government agency, college, university, or nonprofit organization; or
  • for a sabbatical.
Layoff, Prior Service, & Optional Member Service

Many purchase service credit for time when a member was working for his or her employer before it contracted with CalPERS or before a contract exclusion was removed.

Others purchase service credit for time when they were laid off by a CalPERS-covered employer before being called back (this only applies if the employer contracts for the layoff benefit and the member was a full-time employee laid off on or after January 1, 1981).

And other members purchase service credit for time when they served as an elected or appointed official or legislative employee.

Peace Corps, AmeriCorps*VISTA, or AmeriCorps Time

Many purchase service credit for time served in the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps*VISTA, or AmeriCorps.

Alternate Retirement Program (ARP)

First-time State miscellaneous or industrial employees hired on or after August 1, 2004, do not receive service credit for their first two years on the job but are eligible to purchase that time so long as they do so during their 47th through 49th month on the job.

For more information please view A Guide to your CalPERS Service Credit Purchase Options booklet.