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Disability Retirement

CalPERS provides two types of disability retirements, depending on the category the member is in:

(i) Industrial Disability Retirement (IDR) is available to members classified as State Safety, State Peace Officer/Firefighter, State Patrol, Local Safety, School Safety, State Industrial and State Miscellaneous, and to Local Miscellaneous members whose employers contract for the benefit. For IDR to apply, the injury giving rise to the disability must be a job-related illness or injury. There is no minimum period of employment before a member is eligible for an IDR.

(ii) Non-industrial disability, sometimes called “regular disability”, is available to members who have earned at least five years of service credit (State second tier members must have earned at least ten years of service credit).

It covers members who suffer an eligible injury or illness that prevents them from performing their job duties. This type of disability cover (i) those members who are not in categories covered by IDR, (ii) when the injury or illness giving rise to the disability is not job-related, and (iii) covers all other members for disability whether the injury or illness giving rise to the disability is job related or not.

This class action is related only to members who have received an Industrial Disability (IDR) retirement. If you have retired on "Regular" or non-industrial disability retirement, please check back.

For more information about disability retirement, please view the CalPERS pamphlet, "A Guide to Completing Your CalPERS Disability Retirement Election Application".