What this Lawsuit is About
Many CalPERS members buy "air time", military time or similar service credit, expecting to enhance their eventual retirement. However, if they later...
You may have a claim, if you:
  • Bought ARSC, military service time, or other similar types of service credit;
  • Suffered an industrial disability, making you unable to continue working; and
  • Took CalPERS retirement
"If you bought ARSC ("air time"), military time or similar service credit from CalPERS and later took an IDR disability retirement, you may not be getting the full benefit of your purchase."
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The Class Action Lawsuit Against CalPERS
How does one join the class action lawsuit if you think you have a claim against CalPERS?
Disability Retirement (IDR)
  • Industrial Disability

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State Miscellaneous and
Industrial, and
State Safety, Local